Friday, October 21, 2011

Shabbat Simcha!

Every Friday evening at Sundown, a transformation occurs in Jewish households across the world.  Every time we light our candles and welcome Shabbat,  we create a Fortress ... strengthening you, your family, & All the Jewish people in the world. As the sky becomes darker, our hearts become lighter.  The darkness of the day's problems recedes, exiled by the peaceful glow of the Shabbat candles. It is truly a gift from Ha'Shem & Heaven.  All that is good, all that is holy is symbolized ~ indeed even realized ~ in the flickering light of the Shabbat candles. Two millennia ago, the Zohar declared that a woman kindling her Shabbat candles with Simcha in her heart brings peace on earth,  long life to her loved ones, and is blessed with children who illuminate our world with Torah.

Even though today I am a tangle of yearnings, on this evening everything shall be perfect ....  All is prepared & I will be in the presence of my King.  For in welcoming Shabbat I welcome Ha'Shem to my home.  It is Ha'Shems Will, that I be privileged to receive this Shabbat with happiness and joy in his precious homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

O Ha'Shem, Hear & Protect me so that no sadness or depression, no anguish or worry will mar my Shabbat. May I be happy with all my Soul, with all my Heart and with all my Strength. Let this happiness without limit encompass your people Israel, me, mine and any who should visit my household this Shabbat.  Soon the Skies here in Eretz Yisrael will Illuminate as the Daughters of Zion Observe & Remember Ha'Shem.
Refreshed and renewed,
Attired in festive garments,
With candles nodding dreamily to
Unutterable expectations,
To intuitions of eternity,
Overcome with a feeling
As if almost shrouded by a veil.
There is not enough grandeur in our Neshamot
To be able to unravel in words
The knot of time and eternity.

There is a song in the wind
And simcha in the trees.
Shabbat arrives in the world,
Scattering a song in the silence of the night ....
Eternity utters a day. Where are the words
That could compete with such might??
Shabbat Shalom!!!!

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