Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adon Olam!

Lord of the Universe who reigned
before the birth of any thing ~
When by His will all things were made
then was His name proclaimed 'King'.
And when all things shall cease to be
He alone shall reign in Awe
He was,  He is & He shall be
Glorious Evermore.
He is One,  there is none else,
alone, unique, beyond compare,
Without beginning, without end.
His might, His rule are everywhere.
He is my G*d, the Infinite One
He is the refuge on whom I rely
my advocate, my safe retreat
my cup, my comfort when I cry.
Into his hand my soul I place
when I wake & when I sleep
Ha'Shem is with me, I shall not fear
My body & soul from harm He'll keep!