Friday, November 2, 2012

The Mighty Mabul!

Today, 17th Day of Chesevan,  is the Day the Mabul ~ the Flood ~ Wiped out the World.   Today, Erev Shabbos is the sixth day of the week.  And, the following Tehilla was said in the Temple by the Levites.

"Rivers lift up, Ha'Shem .... Rivers lift up their voice.
Rivers lift up their Crashing Waves, their Depths
Mightier than the Noise of Many Waters
Than the Mighty Waves of the Sea is Ha'Shem on High"

It always Rains on 17th Chesevan ....... Ha'Shems reminder to Humankind! 

This too was the week which saw 'Sandy' hit the Eastern Shores of America.  And on 13th day of Chesevan when Sandy Struck,  this was the Temple Tehilla ...... 

"Save me, O Ha'Shem for the waters have reached until my soul!
I have sunk in muddy depths without foothold
 I have come into deep waters,  and the flood overwhelmeth me ....."

Who would Dare Deny that Ha'Shem is Speaking to the World???

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