Friday, December 16, 2011

Through Simple Eyes .....

 ~ Thru' Simple Eyes by David Dome  ~

How'd we ever come to this ?
Making complications from the simplest things.
The mighty power of the intellect,
Sabotaged by self importance is incorrect.

Yeah, the end of hate is in our reach!
Yeah, won't you think before you speak?

This ain't a saviour complex saving you,
G-d knows I'm not a paragon of virtue.
I see the world with simple eyes,
That it's better to judge fairly rather than to despise.

Yeah ! Can I see the good in everyone?
Yes ! In all of us that are reaching out to One.

Our redemption could be a day away.
So we'd better put our hearts in line today .

What's there to learn if I'm bitter inside ?
And what's so delicate that I feel I must hide?
What's there to stop me from connection to you?
It's just the yetzer hara but he's a liar too .

Oh ! The power of my soul is very real.
Oh ! To refine my middot and to learn how to feel .

Oh ! Let me see the world through simple eyes!
Oh! May our holiness bring wisdom to the wise!

Eliyahu HaNavi could come right now,
Don't use what you have learned to start a row .

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